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    I really need help on what to do!

    I have a son and a daughter with my ex partner.  He constantly makes a point of not giving me money for the children and when he does always always pays less then we agreed. He owes the children almost 2k in back payments yet I’ve just found out he’s gone on a 2 week holiday to Dominican Republic.

    I could really do with some help on what to do?  My family all tell me to leave it as I don’t want to burn bridges with him but it’s been going on almost 4 years now as I left when my son was 10 weeks old.

    When ever I see him he always feels the need to brush past me in a sexual way, mostly with the children about. When he’s not with his girlfriend he texts me offering me up too £500 to sleep with him (which I’ve never accepted).

    He always has the latest things e:g clothes, gadgets and even got his girlfriend a new car the other week.

    He has his own business and people working for him which I know he avoids on paying his tax as he happily brags about it to me. One year he made 100k and only paid minimum national insurance as most of his work is cash in hand and he takes contracts for the local council and has about 6/7 workers working for him which he pays and takes big chunks out their wages for himself.

    I know he only claims single person council tax from when I was living at the house.


    I do not have a issue with his girlfriend in anyway shape or form. When they go to his for the 2 nights a month I know she’s the one stuck at home with them while he’s out playing with his friends as my son can tell me and I know they both adore her. I’ve recently stopped them going as it’s unfair on his partner and they go to see him not her.

    The thing I have the issues with is him refusing to pay for his children properly. We have had many disagreements over him not paying or not paying the agreed amount. If I went threw the child Maintenance  service I know I would be getting even less then our agreed amount as he claims he gets less then £300 a week.

    If I was to report him to the tax office, would they listen to me?

    Would I be able to take him to court over it?

    Im just at my whits end and finding out he’s gone away again is the last straw.

    What can I do?



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