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    Hi I’m matt

    me and my ex have been seperated for 4 years and our youngest son of 2 is 5,

    I see my kids every fortnight this is a court order she has social services supporting her because the school were concerned for the children safety for a number of reasons and the fact the children rebel against her for what ever reason I don’t know,

    social services are helping me get more contact as they feel the kids are closer to me emotionally then to her

    ive received a message from her saying she’s moving 1-2 hours drive away and my contact won’t be affected.

    My concerns are the fact she’s moving with a man she’s just met,

    movkng the kids schools so soon after they have started and also I think it’s a block so I don’t get more contact

    what I would like to know is where do I stand can she just up route the children and leave or can I put a stop to it

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    She is allowed to move, if it costs you more to see them you can ask for this to be taken into account with your maintenance payments. If you feel there’s a safeguarding issue for the kids, discuss it with Social Services. Unfortunately, from the school point of view, it would only be a problem if she was moving them regularly. If SS feel you are a better parent to them (?) they might support your claim to be the resident parent. Not sure you want that though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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