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    Susie G

    Hi I have twin boys who have finished A’levels and just left school. I am single and self-employed working approx 25 hours per week. My universal credit is fairly generous. I can not find anyway to know what benefits I can get or how much it will be come the end of August. I don’t find the online calculators helpful. One child will start uni in Feb ‘22 and will live at home. The other child hopes to get a degree apprentice and live at home. I am so scared that we won’t get anything and will end up struggling. I don’t even know if we will have enough to pay our rent.

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    Elsa B

    Hi Susie

    Have you managed to find out any further information on how your benefits will change? My son left school in Summer 2020 and will be starting Uni this September (having deferred a year). He has been working full time (well whenever the place he works at were able to open). I am on Employment & Support Allowance and don’t work. As soon as my son left school I ceased to receive child tax credit and my council tax benefit stopped, I have a mortgage so housing benefit not applicable. My son put in claim for working tax credit but was told he was not entitled to anything. I am not sure if we are missing something here, although my son helps as much as he can financially it seems strange that although he is earning very little our household is no longer entitled to any form of tax credit. Like you I don’t find the online calculators helpful and just wondered if you have received any replies or had any luck sourcing any information or help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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