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    Hello, I’m asking for advice from other single parents on how you would handle this situation..

    im a single mum of 6 years. Kids 10 and 7. Kids spent alternate weekends with dad until the lockdown happened and they have stayed with me since. Dad now wants a return to pre lockdown arrangements. Kids don’t want to. There are historic issues of verbal and emotional abuse but not serious enough for solicitors or the school to get involved with when I’ve sought help in the past.

    my eldest now refuses to see or speak to her father so we are going to mediation.

    My question is.. how do I force my youngest to spend time with his father, without his big sister?  My little boy is refusing to go on a walk with his Dad this weekend. I do everything I can to encourage him, despite my serious reservations! Because the law says both parents (however inept it seems) have a right to see their children. I just don’t know how to force him out the door!!
    If he doesn’t go it’ll be my fault because everything always is according to the ex.

    I just feel cruel forcing a crying child (we’ve been here before so I know how it’ll go) to do something they don’t want to do. Last time the ex Got angry and drove off.

    any advice?

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