My 4 year old does not want to talk to me. Can I have some advice please.

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    What can a mother do about parental alienation? I am really upset and overwhelmed at the moment and miss my little boy dearly. His father has not allowed me to have normal contact with my little boy for over 1 month now, and it is so upsetting when we have such a beautiful fantastic relationship. I am being punished by not being a perfect parent, when i want to make changes and ensure that i am a brilliant mother and calm settle happy person going forward. I want to be in control of my emotions, rather than now having social services and other staff members at contact centres writing complete negative reports about me and not understanding my position, and heartache. The father has not let us live our lives from the start  filing, and re-filing court orders. Creating unsuitability and upset in our home lives over and over again. Now the father has gotten what he wants and has nerved our family so much so that my gorgeous little man is apart from me, and barely wants to talk to me for longer than 5 minutes on the phone. The father must be saying so many negative things to my little boy and is pushing is further and further apart. My little boy can barely talk to me let alone hug me or hold my hand. It is heart wrenching when i know how much of a beautiful relationship we had last time we saw each other before his father was given full custody of my baby boy. I am so sad, my son keeps saying awful things like can you let us have your pet hamster and keep it at daddy’s. Or he does not love me or he thinks i don’t love him. Or he doesn’t want to come to my home, or our families home. its so soul destroying when i ever talk to him on a face time he talks for a few minutes then keeps saying bye bye bye and closing the laptop. I dont know how to emotionally deal with this whilst also trying to be strong for myself. Im wondering if there are other parents who have gone through similar things and what advice can you give me. My sons father is unable to allow me to create a positive relationship and has taken out nonsense court orders and manipulate the courts by doing so.


    Thank you

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    Andrew uk

    I have a 4 and a 9 year old. I haven’t seen them since April this year. 6 months! I’m finding it difficult. Parental alienation is a real issue and I know it’s going to get worse. Not so much for my eldest but it’s going to be hard for my youngest. There must be a court order that you can take out. Why don’t you get a McKenzie Friend to advise you?

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    I don’t necessarily think that because he’s only on facetime for 5 minutes means he doesn’t like talking to you, my almost 4 year old only lasts about 5 minutes if we’re lucky as their attention span isn’t great. He loves us both dearly, but at that age there’s so many things distracting them, and it changes by the second. Try not to take it too personally.

    But if he’s stopping contact for no apparent reason, could you not take him back to court for going against an order, if you have one in place obviously?

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