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    Hi all,

    I’m recently separated from my partner of 12 years and have two children aged 6 and 4. I have struggled – a bit up and down emotionally. I went out with a couple of mums I’m friendly with today but didn’t have the heart to dampen the day or potentially get upset in front of the kids by telling them about the separation. I’m hoping to find a more ‘natural’ point to tell friends and family. Wish me luck.

    Anyway, the evenings are the worst. I’ve been giving myself 3 tasks to do each evening that will distract or cheer me up, to get me through. Tonight I went on the exercise bike for 40mins, vaccummed and spritzed the entire house and hung up a picture that has been sitting in the airing cupboard since Christmas.

    A bit mundane I know but I’m particularly proud of the fact I’m getting back into exercising 🙂

    Hope everyone’s having a good evening or at least, not a bad or sad one!


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    Nice one good you keep busy. Yes I agree the evenings are the worst. I want to relax but I would find it nice to be able to do that with someone. Lonely of a night

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    I like your 3 tasks approach – very proactive!

    Dont think there’s a ‘natural’ point to let people know, but it is important to choose the right moment. Don’t delay too long though, I felt a relief  when I started talking to my family and friends, and, of course, no one can help you with a situation they don’t know about, even if just by extending an ear or a shoulder or being on the other side of the phone in the evening.

    Just going through separation now and even though we haven’t quite managed to separate physically yet, we certainly have mentally and emotionally and it already feels quite lonely outside work which keeps me going (sort of).

    This forum is really helpful  with some great people always happy to lend an  at so you’re never completely alone…

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    Well done! Keep on keeping on! You’ll know when the time is right to tell people 🙂 My ex left while I was pregnant, about 10 months ago now, and I’m struggling because I think my friends are getting bored of my struggles, I don’t want to be the moaning minnie, but the pain and anger are still there and he continues to pull stunts that p me off… other single parents, who understand may be the way forward!


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    Thanks everyone – what a supportive and sensible bunch you are 🙂

    Only 2 ‘achievements’ today as I got back home late from an afternoon out with the kids and I’m up early tomorrow for work. Another 40mins on the exercise bike and caught up on emails so I can prioritise better tomorrow – a one day week for me because it’s summer hols.

    Much love to you all x

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