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    So on Wednesday my partner of 4 years decided he wasn’t happy and has left. I am a 37 year old teacher who has 2 children (7&12) from a previous marriage. The ending of my marriage was due to domestic violence witnessed by my children. I got with my partner after 3 years of being on my own so didn’t rush anything. We eventually decided to buy a house together and move closer to his children. We moved 30 minutes away from his kids, my 2 changed schools.

    4 years on he’s not happy!!!! And up and left us I’m fuming!!! But also heart broken. I’m so worried about how my children will cope with another break up! They don’t see they’re dad at all and my partner was there for them for the past 4 years!

    I also had a break down after my marriage broke down so I’m so scared I won’t cope again. It’s all so messy.

    Has anyone else been through something similar? Anything would help me so please reply.

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    hi there first don’t say you can’t cope am single farther looking after kids seven years on my own everyday struggles but just one day at a time .you we cope   do what makes you happy for a bit fix your self and come out swinging hope you don’t mind me trying to help his loss peter

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    Hi D,

    Don’t say you can’t cope. You’ll be fine. Your kids have you as their consistent source of love & security. And they may surprise you. Kids aren’t daft, they may have picked up on the tension and be glad that it’s not there any more. And they’ll get more of your time to themselves. There are always silver linings.

    I can understand why you’re fuming though. You won’t lose your house will you?

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    I’m fuming because he’s left us…he knows we’ve been through this before and with no warning just ups and leaves

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    I am in the same situation,27 years old,I knew my husband for 9 years…we lived together,got married…had a child,after 9 years he left us here…I’ve met someone after one year…been together for 10 months…he told me to trust him…he won’t hurt me…after my husband left I was in depression…very hard for me to trust again…I’ve trusted,gave everything and today just ended up. I’m empty,angry,but I know I’ll be ok if I am distracted from there… it’s worse cause I don’t have any friends here.I’m from Romania!

    You’ll be alright mom, you’re a woman! Respect yourself and do what you like…enjoy the life like nothing happened…and take care of those kids…they need the mom,not the dad.

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