My 13 year old is about to come and live with me full time. Advice wanted.

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    Hiya, my 13 year old son is about to come and live me permanently. I’ve always been in his life and have an established relationship between him and all the family. We’ll be moving in to our own house in January but for now he doesn’t have a bedroom because I rent a room from my sister. The situation isn’t ideal but things between him and his Mum have really broken down.

    I am totally in the dark about money, benefits, support etc but also anything to do with school and also just what should I be doing for him. I don’t cook very well and I’m really worried I’m going to let him down.

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    Hi how are you?  Sorry to hear about your son and his mum.

    You should be entitled to child tax credits and working tax if u work 16 hours and over . his child benifit will need be taken out his mums name and in yours if you are his main carer.

    If you can’t keep him at the school he is at you will just need to explain to a school close to u to see if they can take him.

    As for cooking I would not worry too much about that just now he will soon tell you what he wants

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    My 14 yr old son has lived with me for 31/2 years , I have never tried to claim for him but last yr I had 6 weeks off work due to an operation, I signed on to universal credit and I told them my son lived with me and they told me I need to show he does by his address at a doctors school or dentist, his school told me his mother will have to change his address but after talking to her she refused so I lost quite a bit of benefit towards my rent . Is there anything I can do? Especially now I’m not working.

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