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    divorced 10yrs ago, long drawn out over 3 yrs, dad would only have the girls 1 night/week if that, littlest was only 6mths when split, now after him not allowing her to come home on his night (just found out this has happened on several occasions and he told them both not to say anything) she now wont go at all, she hasn’t seen him now for 18mths but he has been running me through court for a court order wanting me to make them go on fixed days, saying  he’s happy to be flexible but saying its me whos stopping her yet my eldest (14yrs)is going, my youngest says she doesn’t trust him to let her come home when she wants, the court have made them be interviewed by a guardian and given a solicitor, when she reported the littlest is very sensitive quiet, she told her why she didn’t want to see him, but no one is listening to her, guardian confirmed it wasn’t me stopping her but the court then requested a psychologist to interview all of us separately, he reported how she got upset at the mention of her dad and told him again how she doesn’t trust him to let her come home, we through the court have tried to meet on 3 occasions in a beach car park but she would hardly talk to him or get out of the car, she asked on the way to the first meeting, if she did this would he stop! now she wont go at all, gets upset if i mention him, he as resumed court proceeding again! I’m at a loss!!

    Question: when will the sit up and listen to her or is it that if he keeps paying flash solicitors the judges wont listen to the little people??

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