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    Hi im new to gingerbread and my name is CJ and im 21 and i live in Hampshire.

    I have a 19 month old daughter and i have sadly always been a single parent to her. Recently i have really struggled with loneliness and find nights in my flat when my daughter is sleeping really difficult and lonely, im not sure what else to write on here if im honest but i just want too meet up and have some friends who may understand circumstances. I don’t have any friends apart from one who i have known since i was 5 years old but she isn’t a parent or sadly local to me anymore.

    I think my local Group is in Guildford and im hoping to go there soon to meet some people.

    Please reach out to me if you are in a similar situation, its a shame gingerbread doesn’t have an app!

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    Hi CJ2019

    Thank you for your comments.  I’m sure it won’t be long for other parents to make contact with you.  Another way of making links is to comments on other threads.

    To search for gingerbread groups in your local area, please click here:

    Its an interesting comment you have made regarding an app.  We are at the beginning of developing our peer support service, so these things may well be considered.

    Take care, Justine

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    I’ve frequently been left alone with the children unable to do anything … my wife out enjoying herself.  Not the same but close enough to your situation. Lonely and wondering how it arrive at this.

    Just be strong , your reaching out which is perfect. We’re social creatures and need company to function correctly. Some people need more than others, and sometimes we need a boost. Talking really helps

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    thank you for commenting back. Are you together or separated? Do you not get to go out much as a person not just a dad?

    Yes it was about time to reach out. Parenting can be really lonely and it’s quite sad.

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    Happy to talk to either of you anytime just drop a PM.  It can definitely be a lonely process initially especially late at night.  Sometimes does help to talk even if UT’s on a forum.  There are many great people on here as well as the staff who are always helpful.

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    Yes it sure can, but the site seems well organised and people have been very friendly so far!

    How old are your children?

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    Mine’s 6 now old head young shoulders mind 🙂

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    Hi I felt the same after the wife  left, once he kids were in bed the loneliness set in.  I found this site helped a lot a year on ive made new friends  and lifes getting back to normal.


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