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    Hallo there,

    I find myself in a difficult situation. I separated from the mum of my son 2 and half yrs ago but continued with contact with them every Sunday as mutually agreed with my ex.

    Last month, I planned a trip abroad and informed her that I was going away for two weeks. On return, I went as normal to see my son, but on this occasion she was so angry and refused to say a word to me. I didn’t bother at all and spent a few hours with my son. I then later caught a bad cold and cough. Knowing that it’s a contagious disease, I chose not to go to see them until am all clear. Meanwhile, I tried to call her to say that I wasn’t well and that I was not going to come around, but she refused to take my calls. I then sent her a message which showed that it had been read.

    After 2 weeks, I return today as normal expecting to see my son, but I find that they had moved 4 days ago. I then ring her a number of times before she picked up.

    I asked for their whereabouts and her answer was ‘You don’t need to know’. I spent some time calmly requesting and informing her of my rights as the child’s dad but she simply shrug me off and said if I want I take her to the courts.

    With an ever changing family support system, plus an expensive legal process, I don’t know where to start.

    I know the local authority is aware of where she’s moved, but am not sure if they will help given that they are bound by Data Protection. Can someone help me and explain where and how I can seek help from.

    Thanks so much.


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    Hi you need to go and get legal advice ..even if you got her address she will accuse you of all sorts . She’s very angry indeed. Go online and see if you can get some free legal advice and see what they suggest. I did this for something relating to property and didn’t pay for online help.

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    Frankie, have you been seeing your son at your ex’s house? Is that the issue? Obviously she is not required to let you into her home. Has she moved to get away from that?.

    can you arrange to meet to hand over your son in a coffee shop in town.

    If she’s refusing you access to your son, completwly, contact citizen’s advice or a solicitor who will offer a free half hour. You need an access order from court.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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