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    Hi just posted another topic but thought I keep this separate.

    Anyone had experience of moving to a completely new area and privately rented? Did you manage to do it without having to find a huge sum of money first?

    At the moment I am thinking I will need 6 months rental upfront plus deposit as my credit rating isn’t great, which I definitely haven’t got at the moment, and I am on a low income and in debt (which will change soon but not enough evidence/quick enough for the reference checks).

    I imagine the housing list is a long one and priority will be with locals.

    I want to move in the summer ideally but feel like a lottery win is the only way to escape! And moving locally will be a similar costly expense, I rather move straight to the location I want to.

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    I saved up the deposit while living with my  ex, applied for loads of jobs in the new area, finally got one, and then had to find & rent a flat in the three weeks I had before start date. Also find a child minder my son liked.

    The job centre paid the travel costs to interviews, which helped. It was v stressy and I had to take the first flat I saw because I had no time to look for anything better, but it worked out ok. We stayed there a year before moving to a better home.

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    If you could find someone to act as a guarantor you don’t need to do the credit checks.  They need to own their own home.

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    You may also be able to get help for your deposit from the housing department

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    I have lied to estate agents in the past… I prefer to tell the truth, but estate agents generally tell me to get lost. Where we live now, I found a private landlord situation. But, my rent is still so high and we are planning to uproot and leave London. We love Glasgow and so am looking for a place there. It’s so hard because I have my mothers support, but she doesn’t own a house in the UK, so she can’t be a guarantor. Saving doesn’t happen because my rent is so high. It’s tricky. I need to find a private landlord or for a bank to give me a mortgage without having a job. I have a job in London, but it’s low paid. If I’m going to live on low wages, I might as well live somewhere affordable! My mother will help me financially until I’m on my feet… but estate agents are basically going to put the phone down on me. Ugh.

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