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    Hi, I’ve just joined here.

    So long story short I have decided to leave my husband, I have 2 little girls, 18 months and 3.5 years.

    I work part time usually but currently on furlough, we have a credit card in my name for 2k and a loan for our car also in my name for over 6k.

    I have just enquired about a house to hopefully rent but I will obviously need to claim some sort of benefits, I have never claimed anything before, will I need to claim before I move out? Before I apply for the house? Or will I have to do it afterwards?  Would a private landlord even accept me with the debt I currently have? I was thinking I will need to sell our car to pay off the debt and buy something cheap?

    I’m sorry if these questions are really stupid but I honestly have no idea and nobody to talk to right now.  Thanks you

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    I have just been through this myself first of all apply now for universal credits as a single person even if your still living together. Yes that’s allowed! I checked before I did it by ringing gingerbread and got advice.

    That’s the other thing I highly recommend you do.they were amazing so knowledgable and answered all my questions to which I had many!

    It takes 5 weeks to get your first payment. Then once you have gone through applying for universal (you should get working and child tax elements at this point) when you get a rented property agreed and in the day you move in you then update your universal credits to include your rent to get your housing elenent. That will then be paid in your following payment.

    You can however ask for an advance on your credits if you really need the money fast.

    You can find out how much housing per week your entitled to by searching online as it goes by which local council you live.

    I would also recommend you go on the gov website and use their calculator to put your details in so you can get an estimate of what your entitled to. The calculator is very accurate tbf and was literally a couple of pounds different to what I actually got. Do it with no rent first then after looking to see what the prices are like in your area put in the rent in a second calculation so you have an idea of what you will get once in private rented. If your lucky enough to get into a council house usually you will have little or no rent to pay.

    When it comes to private renting some estate agents require you to have a minimum yearly income dependent on the rent cost for the house your interested in if you dont meet the requirements then you will need a guarantor. You will also get a credit check it should not matter if you have those 2 debts it’s more about are you paying for them on time and have no defaults on your credit file. They will contact your employer for a reference. You will need a month in advance rent and a deposit usually worked out as 5 weeks rent which you should get back when you move out after they have checked the house is in good order.

    You should also get on the local council register and get approved for being able to bid on a council property. You can do this all online.

    I have now been living in my rented property for 3 weeks and my daughter and I are all settled in and have got a kitten to join our little family. I’m already planning to purchase a shared ownership home and preparing everything I need to go ahead with it. So if you think things are pretty tough right now its just in the short term you will be ok I can vouch for that. If you need any more help or advice or would like info on a shared ownership property I’m your girl. I’m also very up on child maintenance issues too so I can try help with that too if you need it.


    Keep smiling stay strong and in a few weeks time you will be able to sit back and enjoy your new home with your kids. You will also be the one to help others with your knowledge.

    Bug hugs H xx

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    Hi UnicornRainbow, I’m in a very similar position to you. How have you got on? Did you find somewhere to rent?

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