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    My wife and I have been separated, but still living together in our joint mortgaged home for a while now. we do not fight (much) as neither of us want it to impact our 9yo daughter too much. My wife has often said she feels trapped in our relationship and wants to sell our home and for us to go our separate ways, but, up until recently, I was under the illusion that our relationship was still repairable. So our house has been up for sale for a few months now and I have found a flat to rent nearby.

    The problem is that she is very headstrong, much more so than me. She has always been in control of the finances but would never budget resulting in us being tens of thousands in debt. Right from the start I tried to take control but she would fight to not allow me. Our estate agent gave us the estimated value of our home to be much more than what we bought it for which would cover the cost of our mortgage settlement and our debts with about £10k remaining. But she refuses to budge in wanting to sell for £20k more.

    Neither of us can afford our debt repayments when we live separately like we’re about to, but I suspect she’s been seeing another guy for a while now. My plan was, once my step kids (20yo & 26yo) move out, we empty the rooms to make the house more appealing to buyers. Step daughter moved out over a year ago, its her old bedroom I moved into. Then my step son moved out, so it was going nicely until my wife moved my step daughter back in.

    Work colleagues have said be careful she doesn’t run away with the entire profit from selling the house and once I move out I lose rights to the joint ownership of the home. I don’t really have that concern, my names on the mortgage agreement and I’m confident she wouldn’t do that. But, is that a possibility? Does it happen to other cases like this? My main concern appeared when I found a note with the name and number of a locksmith! It occurred to me maybe she has no intention of selling after all and she just want’s me locked out and replaced by another man in our family home! Am I paranoid? she denies it obviously but what can I do to speed up the sale of the home if she refuses to drop her asking price?


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