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    I currently live in my ex-husbands home town and we share our two boys 50/50. I’d like to move to the town my new partner (who also had his 2 kids 50/50) lives in, which is about 1hr 20mins away.


    Even though my ex and I share the boys 50/50 he barely sees them during the week. He’s usually at work by the time they wake up (his mum comes around to his) and then his mum has them after school until he gets back about 6 (they are in bed by 7.30pm). He is 100% office based with zero flexibility on hours. My new partner and I both do a mix of office and home working and one of us can be at home every day to do the school runs. My office is between where I live now and where I’d be planning to move to.


    I’m planning to speak to him to see if he will agree to the move and offer him more weekends and holidays as a trade and offer to drive the boys most of the way on Friday afternoons he has them after school for the weekend.


    The boys love my new partner and all 4 of the children are close. If I get to the point where I broach this with the boys I think they’d be positive and I think it would be great for them to be part of a family unit i.e. i think this is in there best interests.

    My ex does have a big family and a lot of support which I imagine goes in his favour, but so does my new partner. My ex and I have always been amicable, but he is hurt by the fact I’ve moved on and TBH I’m not expecting him to agree to this at all. So I’m trying to work out what my chances are of the courts allowing me to do this if that’s what it comes to. Any body have any advice at all?

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    Hi Feathers 1981

    I’m Michelle one of the Moderators here.  It’s good to see you posting and looking for other perspectives in your decisions.  There’s some advice via this link within the Gingerbread info pages that you might find helpful:

    Moving in with a new partner – Gingerbread

    There’s a video there as well as information and links to some guidance from Family Lives.

    I hope that helps a bit

    Kind regards


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