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    I came across this forum whilst searching for advice last night.

    I am a single parent (dad has not been involved, I care for my child solely with no maintenance ever) my son is now 10.

    I have been in a relationship for 3 years and we have decided to now move in together. I work around my sons school times working 16 hours a week on a low wage. I recieve child/working tax credits. My son is disabled so working within school hours is only doable.

    My boyfriend works 40+ hours a week on a good wage. (£2k a month). He has 2 boys & 1 girl of his own which he pays maintenence for and has regularly on a weekend.

    I did a benefits calculator which tells me my tax credits will stop due to his income. So I will solely have £130 a week from my wage. The thing I cant get my head around is that is doesn’t take into account his outgoings. We would not be left with much once his child maintenance & bills are taken out.

    Is this right? Or will that be taking into account? I feel sick to my stomach that I feel like I would need to rely on him when I’ve always tried to provide for myself. I would love to work more hours or a job with a better wage but right now is just not doable I have no one for my son.

    Is there a site or someone who has been in this situation too? Id basically be around £1000 worse off a month, once my partner has paid bills hes left with around £800.


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    Moving in together will also be a change of circumstances and I believe that will cause you to have to end your tax credit claim and if you are entitled to benefits as a couple you would need to make a joint universal credit claim. I would be careful to look into it all properly before doing anything so that you are clear on the financial position. Once a tax credit claim is ended I don’t think you can undo that.  I think the gingerbread helpline might be able to advise on where to find out this stuff x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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