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    I have been separated from my boys father since July 2016 and divorced last year.  I have been in a new relationship since May last year and would now like him to move in.  Whilst there is no mortgage on the marital home, we are still in negotiations re the split as I am looking to buy my ex’s share of the house.  In the meantime, can my new partner move in?  Could my ex do anything about this?

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    I am a Dad of two boys aged 12 and 9.  My ex and I split up 15 months ago after 14 Years together.  4 months after that she got into a relationship that she has been in since.  You have obviously have been apart a lot longer so the children are likely more acustomed to this.  In my case however, after about 6 months, she wanted the boys to meet him, but they didnt want to.  I supported them but NO I could not do anything about it.  They were quite vocal to her that they werent ready but 2 months later she tricked them into meeting him, he stayed in the hotel with them for that and the next night and then has been at her house near enough full time.  This has led to my eldest now living with me full time due to the way she acts etc.

    So all I am saying is, make sure the boys are comfortable with it and if so then by all means, why not.  No one has the right to stop you doing it from the childrens point of view but I iamgine your ex does have rights about him not moving in legally so probably better to discuss.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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