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    Hi ,

    so im looking to move 2hrs away from my children’s father , as he is a nightmare , I’ve tried moving 10 miles away and due to this the children suffer a tiring bus journey as I don’t drive . I want to move next to my family as my mother died last year , so don’t have help and there dad is more interested in his new relationship , he sees them once a week , we are currently going through court , and I agreed to overnight contact if he passed his hair and blood test and it doesn’t come  back as chronic excessive , which it has . So overnights are a no go. How can I make the court grant me the move and him not have overnight . I’m at a loose end . I need the space away from him and he manipulates the kids . I still want them to have a relationship , but I need to move.

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    How old are your kids? What do they think? Do they want to see their dad now?

    Courts mostly want to maintain a relationship between parent & child. Does your ex want to see his children? Would he agree to see them only at school holidays when he could come and spend time near you?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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