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    I’m a father of two girls, been divorced for about 5 years and my ex is due to marry an Australian fella next year.  He’s a nice chap and my girls like him so it’s all cool.

    I got a email from the ex the other day asking what my thoughts would be about my girls having the opportunity of living in Australia when they’re older……the tone was along the lines of ‘I’m thinking out loud’ and ‘kind of wanted confirmation that it’d be no’.  On the face of it it’s a speculative question but I suspect it’s being driven by a desire on the part of her new fella to move home, especially as his ex wife moved to Australia 18 months ago and he clearly misses his daughter who moved with the mother.  It’s probably worth mentioning that the move was against his wishes and there was a lengthy and expensive court battle which he ultimately lost.

    My girls have an extended family in the UK (on my side) and, other than their Mum’s fiance, have no links with Australia and have no family over there.  He clearly does but I understand they’d be living away from them as his daughter is in Perth but his family are in Melbourne.

    I guess I need some advice/views on whether I should be worried and whether there’s much chance that my ex would ever be able to move my girls against my wishes or am I worrying about nothing?

    Thanks in advance

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    She can’t move them,with out your written permission,and she will have to have permission from the courts to do so,or if she tries to move the kids with out your permission you can file a court order against her,but this will result both of you being in court,and a costly process,it may go in your favour as the kids have no family over there depending what visitation rights and agreements you have in place with your EX atm.

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