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    My ex partner has today decided to withhold contact of my child (15 months old) due to the introduction of my new girlfriend to my child.

    My ex was aware that I have a new partner but has not ever met her personally. I have also never left my son unattended with my new partner. She is refusing to talk to me over the introduction between the two of them, has called me a “bad father” and has threatened to take me to court over the matter, also saying that I am unable to see my son until we go to court. She has threatened me constantly with court over various situations, such as not sticking to a vegan diet for the little one and fear of myself taking moments away from her and him, such as a visit to the seaside or the zoo. She doesn’t allow me to make any decisions whatsoever regarding the care of little one and if i disagree she threatens to take him away from me.

    I have filed an application this evening for MIAM in order to sort out the situation amicably.

    Does anybody have any advice or know any advice lines open that I could call?


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    Introducing a new partner is a thorny issue. Your son has already coped with his parents splitting. Then if he is introduced to a new partner, starts to make a mew friend and then that relationship fails, and then it happens again, that can be very confusing & harmful.

    So I understand your ex-wife’s concern. Lots of mums would leave it a year or two before introducing a new partner.

    Your son is still a baby and your ex’s instincts are to protect him. You wouldn’t want that any other way.  Perhaps slow down, try to find some middle ground.

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    Are you married?

    If you are you have parental responsibility that she cannot ignore.


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    No we weren’t married but I’m on the birth certificate so I do have parental responsibility.

    I know that she can keep him away from me even though I do have parental responsibility and the police can’t do anything about it because it’s a civil matter.


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    Hi Mate

    Im in the same boat as you!! My ex wife has stopped all contact for 2 years!

    i go every Sunday morning to watch him play rugby. However, you can see he is scared to come and even say hello to me

    She agreed for me to take him to a wagon show after his rugby training. When I got there, she laughed in my face and told me she had changed her mind. I lost the plot, showed myself up basically. So I am now waiting for the court date

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