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    Hi my son is 17 years old, he was doing an apprenticeship but the company he was with went into liquidation so he couldn’t finish it.  Since then he’s been unable to find work due to his age, he’s refusing to go to the job centre to find out what he’s entitled to, I’m at my wit’s end what I can do and what I’m entitled to while he’s not working.  I am currently a full time student at university so am on a very low income as it is.

    Does anyone know who I can contact as I’ve read online I can still claim tax credits whilst he is under 18 but he has to be registered with a careers office but I can’t seem to find one in my area.

    Thanks any information or advice appreciated.

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    Is there a reason why your son won’t go to the job centre. Nerves etc. Did he dislike his old job? Is there something new he would like to try? A college course maybe?

    I’d ring the local technical college and ask for their careers advice department or admissions. They should be able to guide you.

    Does your son basically want to bum around at home all day, doing nothing. If that’s the case I’d start making home less comfortable. Remove the router or change the password. Don’t give him any pocket money.  Fewer snacks in the cupboard. Explain in very clear terms that if he doesn’t register, you can’t afford to feed him.

    If he’s quick he could join a college course by January.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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