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    Hello all.  I’m seeing a solicitor next week, but I’m impatient and I’m hoping someone may have been in a similar situation to mine – my husband left 2.5 years ago and since then has not contributed to the house (just paid his basic child support).  I have paid about £30k of mortgage payments in that time and of course all the other bills etc.

    He wants me to sell the house now, I don’t want to but I’m willing to be fair to release his equity.  However I think the £30k I’ve paid should come off his equity.  He doesn’t agree.  Anyone else been in this situation?  Any advice appreciated.

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    Im in a similar situation to yours as I’m currently buying my husband out of the mortgage and releasing equity for him to buy his own house. However, my ex is extremely supportive and only expects half of the equity in the house up to the point he stopped paying the mortgage.


    You are totally correct and I hope that is the case legally (but I’m not sure). You paid the mortgage and therefore that £30,000 belongs to you! I can’t believe he’s suggesting otherwise.


    If you are selling, bare in mind the added costs involved in selling-maybe he would like to contribute to this if he’s wanting everything to be shared 50/50!!!


    Hopefully it can be solved easily.

    Good luck


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    That 30k you paid would be split into two

    1)capital repayment of mortgage amount borrowed

    2) interest on the amount borrowed

    As he does not live there and you do I doubt you could subtract the whole 30k legally of the net money left over from a sale

    More reasonable would be to subtract the amount you actually paid off on the capital repayment of the mortgage from the 30k you put in and take that out of his share of the net profit made

    Work this out with a mortgage statement back dated to when you started paying as they show total breakdown of interest and capital repayment


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    Average costs of selling at high Street estate agents is 1%+vat of property which is subtracted by the solicitors and paid directly to the estate agents before they transfer the remaining net profit after the mortgage has been paid off so technically there is nothing to contribute to as it will be a shared cost deducted at source basically before profit gets transferred over

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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