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    Hi, all! I’m considering adopting as a single woman, and I’d like to hear from single parents on this question: Which would you choose—(A) a career in teaching where the pay would make finances very tight but you would have more time to spend with your child, or (B) a 9-5 career with evenings and weekends off that pays double a teaching salary but leaves you less time to spend with your child?

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    Personally I would earn less and spend it with my child, until they start school.

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    Your time and attention is what they would remember.

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    Of course spending time with your son is the best!

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    I”m going to be controversial here but – if you aren’t adopting just yet, is it worth taking the higher paid job right now? You may not always have that option, but I suspect you will always be able to retrain as a teacher, if and when the timing is right. It is valid to want to earn some money so have have financial security, especially as a single parent. I am lucky that my ex is on a higher salary than I am, and that security for our child is priceless.

    Having an extra year or two of a better paid career behind you will allow you to be less stressed generally/have some savings behind you/ allow you to take up to a year off work when you first adopt to spend some time together then? You may not have the option to go back to the better paid option.

    Throughout my life I have been broke and I’ve had money. My parents both worked full time and i never felt cheated that I didn’t get enough time with them. Its more about what you do with the time you do have.

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    I worked as a teacher and the hours will be more than the other job…the workload is horrendous and I spent most of my evenings and a good portion of Sunday working. Most of the teachers I know do the same. Just something to consider. It’s definitely not 9-3 Monday to Friday. I left for a job where I work longer days but my time at home is my time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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