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    Just in need of a bit of a rant and wondering if anyone else feels the same.

    I’m a single parent to one and currently live in a 2 bed private rent.

    I’ve always worked full time but reduced to part time hours after my child was born.  He is now 9.

    I’ve slowly increased my hours as he’s got older And have been studying part time to progress in my career.

    I have recently landed a new job which is significantly higher paid than I’m used to.  I also have a second job where I do supply work – this works for us as I can pick up shifts when I have childcare when they are available with weekend working paying a lot more than mon-fri.

    I have always had to claim some benefits since becoming a single parent, I’ve worked really hard over the past 9 years Studying to find a job with a higher income to provide for us.

    I’m not finished with my studies and at a point where (once schools return) I can work full time. I hoped once this time came I could save to buy a house and new car etc.

    Tonight I’ve spend time looking at my potential earnings working full time and have came to the realisation that even working full time with 2 jobs that pay good money I will still need to claim some benefits, and that I’ll be only minimally better off, maybe even worse off if I have to rely on paid childcare more.

    Just feeling really frustrated as I’ve worked a lot of overtime recently, I claim working tax credits but can’t guarantee over 30 hours a week due to  my second job only being supply work.  I know I’ll have to declare all my overtime to my housing benefit So this will decrease and due to my higher rate of pay my tax credits will now go down.

    I know I should be grateful that I can claim less benefits and rely on my own income more but it just feels like even working full time in a higher paid job I’m no better off and never will be unless I can find an even higher paying job and work all the hours under the sun.




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    is your ex available and would he be able to spend time with child?

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    I understand you very well, it’s sad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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