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    Hi. My wife left my recently and I share custody 3.5 days a week. I live to be a dad and love those kids more than anything. She just picked the kids up πŸ™

    My question to you parents out there is this – in cases like my own how do you cope with being apart from those you love the most?




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    I have the same sort of situation, as you, its thought

    only thing i find that helps is to keep busy! I started swimming, amazing how just counting lengths can switch your brian off!

    I also stack up a load of jobs to do (like the dull ones! Washing, cleaning etc) again brain off!

    Also as daft as it seems reading helps, where tv is a killer for me

    then there is also work which i tend to do more off

    for me just breaking things down to hour chunks helps, but its not perfect

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    Liane 245

    I hate it…..

    I miss my kids soooooo much πŸ’”

    When we first seperated I found my Turbo button. Sleep was the worst part and I often ended up on the sofa. Then slowly I crawled back to the education system, work and church. Suddenly things were placed in my path which meant those big gaps, weren’t really big gaps at all and it didn’t hurt so much.

    Now, just recently; its got hard again.

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    Thanks guys. I’ve been keeping busy where I can but I really dont want to go to bed as I know I’ll end up sad again πŸ™ I just wanna go into their room and check on them but they’re not here πŸ™

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    It’s not easy – and after 3 years I don’t find it any easier – harder if anything! I try to keep busy (an ongoing house renovation helps a little!) and getting out of the house helps too, as then I’m not seeing my boy’s toys and stuff everywhere as a reminder he’s not there.


    Hope you can find something to help you fill the hours and keep your mind busy.

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    Thanks Enoughisenough89. This morning was a real low point for me. I’m off work with depression from all this so I dusted myself off, went for a jog and spent about two hours ironing to distract me. I’m picking him up from school today so we spend a few hours together before I lose him until Friday. Keeping busy helped a good deal πŸ™‚

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    Well done for getting out for a jog! That’s a really good start – getting yourself out the house when you’ve got depression is a toughie, I know it well! Try and make some weekend plans – even if it’s cooking lunches for the week or getting out for a walk with a pal, if you can. I definitely find having a schedule of stuff to do keeps me from going nuts!

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