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    How do you deal with missing cuddles and touch and also missing having someone close to talk to.

    I’ve tried dating before but

    1. my kids don’t like it

    2. Dating sites don’t seem very safe places

    Can’t think where to meet decent people..

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    Hi Linda

    You can find people anywhere but i guess it would be like a minefield trying to find a decent one! It makes it harder if the kids dont like you dating. Your right about dating sites . I joined one some years back but had a couple of bad experiences so would never return to them. Im sure there are many who have had positive experiences though. I know what you mean about having someone close to talk to. Just to chat away about how your day was is great.

    Oh and there are decent people on this very website .Good luck x

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    1. Meetups and city socialising are good and safe sites to get out and meet new people.
    2. There are walking groups and lots of different ones on both sites that will get you and about . You will find lots of people in same situation that you can chat with .
    3. I joined both groups and really enjoyed the walking and theatre ones in London .
    4. As for dating sites I joined to get confidence back but w shocked with the weirdos  and  time wasters so don’t waste your money or time !
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    Thank you for your replies and ideas..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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