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    My ex partner and I split up in December 2019 but it had been over long before that. He was never home and I think was probably having an affair. We have 3 children 12, 6 and 2.  He tried to take my car and is now refusing to pay towards the mortgage. Due to his ongoing threats and behaviour he was arrested and we ended up in court which resulted in him no longer being allowed to come to our property or contact me about anything but the children. He did not contribute anything money wise until the cms made him start doing so two months ago. He has not seem the children since he left but has now decided he wants contact so with the help of my solicitor I have agreed a plan with him. I have continued working throughout the Covid epidemic. With work, the 3 children and the stress of keeping on top of everything I have been finding it hard and very lonely at times.

    I began to see someone, (a higher up man in my company) in January. It was unexpected and going so well and I thought it was really going somewhere. However this week he has told me he is going to try and rebuild his family. I am devastated. I feel so much stronger about it than I thought I would. I have had to sit across from him in meetings this week and have made sure to keep all emotion out of work. But I am so sad.

    I feel like I cannot pull myself together. I can’t sleep. I feel tearful all of the time. I am trying so hard to be a good parent to my children. It takes so much energy and I feel like some days are never going to end. I dread getting up in the morning when I’m not at work and having to fill the day. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

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    I really think you need to concentrate on yourself and your kids,even tho your relationship was over before it was official I think you tried to move on to soon,you need to heal first from the last relationship,and your kids are gona need you,as they are still young,it’s very hard going through a separation and very stressful,you will have good days and bad days,to get me through mine I found new hobbies and concentrated on my kids making sure they were happy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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