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    So I separated from my children’s dad and husband in July last year, I moved out of the marital home, since then myself and ex have been getting on for the children. I lost my grandfather in April and my mental health took a turn for the worse. I’m since getting help and the children have been staying with there Dad, I’ve had them regular but mainly there Dad has had them. I’m now a lot stronger and have the support around me, with it being summer holiday I’ve said I would have the children, his mum has the children whilst he works and stays at his new girlfriends he says this is only 2 nights a week… my daughter says different but that’s another story.


    My problem today is I’ve had the children since Tuesday as he took them away and then I was away helping a dying family member, I asked my ex if he would have the children Sunday morning till Tuesday morning and he agreed, since then I’ve had social services call me and my health visitor come out. I’ve asked him to talk about what was said as it concerns the children, he agreed last night, I messaged him asking if he’s still coming yesterday afternoon and I got no he’s working, I felt hurt as it concerns the kids and the previous 2 nights he was with his gf and her daughter. So I replied that his gf clearly means more to him than his children at the minute. This I shouldn’t of done but it’s how I felt. He proceeded to tell me that he’s had the kids the past 3 months and he’s living his life whilst he hasn’t got them. So I’ve decided to cancel my plans for Sunday and Monday night and have made plans with the children and friends. I told him this. I also told him I was on the phone to social services. I’m waiting for a call back from them.

    Today he’s messaged me saying what time I’m dropping the kids off with him tomorrow so I said I’m not, he’s then proceeded to ask if I’m denying access to the kids, no I’m not I’m letting him live his life! I’ve then had several messages stating I’m a joke, im not Mum of the year, etc


    i called his mum as I was close to her and she said I’m being unfair!


    Ok so I’m a bad parent for having mental health issues which are now under control


    i agree he needs to see the children but at the minute he won’t even discuss what social services have said and what the health visor has said. I’ve made plans with the kids now, why should I allow him to have the children when he can’t even discuss what’s been said? Am I being that unfair?


    If if you were in my situation what would you do?


    Any advice welcome.


    Im  scared he’s going to turn up at my house and take the kids.

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