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    Id love to get out of this  hell hole i am in but i dont know how safe my children are without me here to protect them but i also dont know how long more i can let this go on with them seeing and hearing the stuff they do

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    Hey you. With the right advice and support you and your children can get through this.  Neither you or the children should be in an abusive situation and no doubt it is causing psychological and emotional harm. Have you spoken to anyone about it, friends family, professionals, the school? Have you got support around you  including if you needed to get out with the children ( somewhere to stay? ) There are organisations that can help such as women’s aid, refuge and the national domestic abuse org who have text advice services and a 24 hr telephone line.

    The domestic abuse org also say to  call 999 if you or the children are at immediate risk..

    Take care and sending positive thoughts your way.

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    You need to find a way out of this situation and fast.

    You deserve better. The children deserve better.

    Do you do the school runs? If you don’t get space at home to contact the agencies that can help speak to the children’s headteacher discreetly on the school runs. If the abuser asks you where asked to stay late to discuss the children. Ask to use there phone. My kids school did this for me when I explained what was going on at home and put me in touch with local domestic abuse advocates who can find you and the children a place of safety. It’s a big move but you need to do this.

    Im a few months on and it’s early days. I’m tied to him for life as he’s the dad of my daughter but it’s much more controlled now (being honest he still tries to manipulate from a distance but I’m finding my way to deal with it and me and my child are much more relaxed and I’m recognising now the little factors which were gaslighting for years I never saw before)

    If you don’t feel safe ring the police. I did (I didn’t pursue it but They take it seriously and red flagged me if I needed them fast)

    Theres a way forward. Its hard, it will feel lonely but it doesn’t need to be, it will feel impossible but from my experience I am finally getting there, though emotionally warn and beaten it can be done.

    As I say you deserve better and so do your kids. No matter what

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    I spent over thirty years making excuses and living on false hopes , I was completely destroyed emotionally , mentally , physically .socially and financially and my children along with me fell into  depression by the time  he was  legally forced to leave ,    I am now fifty five  and  after  six years,  the three of us have only put are recovery on the first step  from being nothing.            Don’t ever doubt yourself,        That is the one thing I wish I had held onto  thirty years ago

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    I’m not about to tell you what to do. However. WOMANS Aid RISE provide a course called the freedom project. It can help you to get the strength to move forward. There is also a group on Facebook. Called DONT LOOK BACK.   You can get loads of support and advice there. I hope you find the strength to believe in you. To move forward.

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