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    Hi all,

    My ex wants to introduce our kids to his new girlfriend. He has only been with her about 6months. During our relationship he was verbally abusive towards me and not supportive with the kids, and since he has been with his new partner he has become worse. He has refused to help with money for the kids, so I have had to take the CSA route. Both of my children have additional needs and find change very difficult to deal with. Their dad has never acknowledged they have additional needs or been emotionally supportive. Never attended any meetings or appointments regarding the boys. They still believe that their dad will move back home. Although this is never going to happen, it was my choice for him to go. He moved on straight away.

    I have said to their dad I do not want the boys to meet her until I have met her, so I can explain the kids needs in detail. He is being very disrespectful, stating he will do what he wants and that I am being unreasonable. I am just worried about their mental health, and I want to be reassured that she is someone the kids can feel safe around. I also want to create an amicable environment for the children, where me and the new partner can get along.

    So my question is am I being unreasonable?

    Many thanks

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    I can imagine it’s stressful and the unknown of the new girlfriend is scary, but you don’t have a right to meet her.
    if you flip the situation and you’d started a new relationship would you invite him round to meet your new partner? Probably not.
    the best thing to do if speak to the boys about it and reassure them and when you speak to your ex remain calm and try not show it bothers you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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