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    The government announced yesterday that from Wednesday we can meet one person outside the household in an open space and keep 2 metres apart.
    I would like to meet my boyfriend in the park as I haven’t been able to see him since the lockdown but cannot leave my children at home alone (they are age 3 & 7) so they would have to come with me.

    Would anyone know what rights I have to legally do so without getting in trouble with the law.
    My ex-partner and I have an arrangements order however ever since the lockdown he has moved into his girlfriends house and has used various excuses as to why our children cannot visit him at his girlfriends place (they used to sleep over at her house before the lockdown), so I can’t rely on waiting until my children spend their weekend with their father in order to socially distantly see my boyfriend.

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    Hi. I am wondering about this rule too, I would like to able to see my parents, but as I am not just ‘one’ person, I am a family of 4 is that allowed in an outside space. The are keen to meet for a walk, but not sure myself, so far we’ve been just me and the kids for almost 9 weeks now and I don’t want to make the wrong decision.

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    It’s like going to the supermarket, being a single parent there is no childcare available so you shouldn’t get in trouble by taking your children along to meet someone outside the household as you have no choice but to all go out. I was reading on a newspaper website today that the requirements Boris Johnson has put upon the British public isn’t actually a legal law in itself. It’s a request. Plus the police look more so for groups of youngsters or people causing havoc so I shouldn’t think the police would deliberately question your motives.


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    You may get moved on in you’re in a public space but I don’t think you’ll get fined.

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    Thank you for the advice, I’m really worried about doing the wrong thing and then creating a situation where my ex could report me to the police or social services in an attempt to make me look like an unfit parent.

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    They’ve released a breakdown of the new rules and it is part of the law that only two people from different households can meet by the sounds of it. Bigger groups are allowed as long as they’re from the same household. So you can go to the park with the kids or meet a friend not both. Not saying I agree thats fair thats just what it is.

    If things continue to get better they said they will allow more. So might not be long 🙂

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