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    <span class=”s1″ style=”font-weight: bold;”>My ex partner and I have agreed arrangements for our 1 year old at mediation. We both agreed on things for our little girl in that because I am still breastfeeding he will not have her overnight until we have weaned etc and that he will gradually increase the time in that he sees her on a week by week basis. He’s since had an argument with me over finances and has now threatened me with court. Can anyone help with any guidance etc as to what will happen at court as we had already agreed our little girls arrangement but he is stating now he will get that changed too! Any help appreciated. Thank you.</span>

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    if he applies to court for child arrangement order, I don’t think he will get much more time than he’s getting now. He will prob leave court with agreement something like overnights with child will start from age 2. They like doing a gradual build-up of contact.

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    Hi , You are still breastfeeding so i am not sure exactly what he is going to change .  I would invite him to say if u are not happy then we can sort at family court . You already said once your daughter is no longer breast feeding overnights can start so not sure what he is hoping to achieve .

    He is clearly frustrated about financial issues that are outstanding

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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