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    Hi all

    I posted on here a few weeks back re: emotionally abusive ex, as I have no evidence of his abuse I don’t really know how to limit contact with 5yr old. So he visits 1 on Wednesday and is having 1 night p\w, 5 weeks in and I thought we had agreed Friday night & back on Sat night. Didn’t hear anything yesterday & then got a text this morning that he would be over early eve. I txt back that she has begun a class early on Sunday morning & I  want her settled on a Sunday as I’m struggling with getting her to school and she is always in a bad mood, argumentative on her return from being with him. He says I should’ve discussed with him the class and needs contact to be flexible as he sometimes has to work. His sister seems to back that I shld be flexible & is offering to ‘mediate’. I don’t want her to- she appears neauteal but will always have his back obvs. So much change and confusion in a little persons life- she needs consistency, and she loves her class. I suppose my question is if’ I can get him to professional mediation do they speak for the child’s best interest I.e set day and time & settles on a Sunday? Do they confirm finances? He had said he can’t pay this months bare minimum 12%.

    The HMRC part is that we have a joint mortgage- I paid deposit 80k & 15k materials for renovation. He did renovation work probably to value of £15k. He had a tax debt of 36k which I didn’t know how much it was until 1 year into owning the house. Debt came to a head and they were looking to get their money, I paid 16k off as ultimately HMRC! Can repossess the house as it’s his asset. So 16k I paid is the works he has done. I need legal advice & im trying to contact solicitors – (they never phone back) in between work and parenting & being treated like shit by ex. He still owes 20k tax, can they take my house even tho he has moved out, off council tax, no mortgage being paid by him if his name is still in the mortgage?

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    Hello HMRC will be looking to get their money back. Im sorry but it does not matter if he has moved out. Your property is an asset and they will take him to court to force the sale of property. If you were to sell and move they can still claim that money. I suggest you get legal advice because this sounds quite serious and sometimes HMRC add interest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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