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    Hi there. I had mediation with my ex partner in January and everything is going ok so far with our agreement. I just wondered if he was to want to take me to court when is certificate valid from and to? I’ve read online about four months but is that from the moment we had our final mediation session or could he four months after that request the certificate and then it’s valid for a further four months?! I need to breach the subject of taking our little girl on holiday and I know that his narcissistic behaviour will probably mean he threatens me with court. Any advice appreciated.

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    the page the mediator gives you is the one that says mediation was attempted. it has their name and reference number, signed and dated by them. that papers valid for 4 months. I was told I can use the same paperwork if it falls within the 4 months and if the issues are of similar nature.

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    Hello new to all this

    currently going through divorce – well it’s been going on since 2014. I am at the end of my tether with it all. Where do I start
    ex stopped paying his share of the joint mortgage causing arrears messing credit up.he stopped when daughter turned 18 last may the bank won’t listen. I have arranged mediation since 2018 he agreed to most things but as I tried to move forward and get it all Authenticated both ex and his solicitor did not respond to letters/emails. The 4 months ran out so had to start process again – again ex did not respond to mediator, 2021 – had 2 sessions and he has backed off everything he said previously (I know it’s not binding).
    He doesn’t feel he should be paying his share of the mortgage as he now supports daughter at university.

    its had a effect on my mental health I have was working 18.5 hours when he left us with nothing I now work full time but he earns nearly 4x my salary

    I am not going back to mediation as I don’t trust the mediator and want this over and done with I just want it over and done, I have been told this is financial abuse as I won’t be able to get a mortgage with the arrears and any money I get from the sale of the property will end up being wasted on rent up to £24,0000

    I just want to know if anyone has been through the courts making a decision my anxiety is through the roof worrying about all this.

    sorry for the long story there is more but don’t want to overload you all


    thanks for reading

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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