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    Hi everyone, my baby is due in May. I work full time but live with my parents. I earn minimum wage and have no savings, and have debts. My ex says he wants nothing to do with me or baby, so I’m prepared to be a single mum. I am applying for housing but I know it’ll be a long wait. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any financial help available if I were to get a council place during maternity leave? I understand I cannot apply for UC whilst on maternity leave, and if I am given a place by the council whilst on maternity leave, I would of course be expected to pay towards rent and bills, etc. My concern is you only get £148. 68 per week after 6 weeks, how can I afford to look after myself and baby, pay rent, bills, debts whilst earning that much? If I stay home money won’t be an issue as much, but if the perfect place comes up on the bidding system, what do I do? My parents are happy for me to stay home for the few few months but due to overcrowding and the fact they do shift work, they would ideally want me in my own place as soon as possible, which I of course would like too. I have a debt management plan in place, and my monthly payments can be amended based on my income so I know they can go on the backburner a bit. But I just don’t understand how benefits work as I’ve never claimed before. Thanks xx

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    Hello there, well done for getting this far,

    I think the key to this is taking it step by step and trying not to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I know easier said than done.

    Sounds like you have a good case to get social housing.

    Can you get housing benefit on UC?

    Sounds like a trip to Citizens Advice might be the first step.

    Have you done your social housing application yet?

    try the organisation turn2us for possible grants also.

    Good to remember that despite what some people think, babies actually don’t need much (apart from warmth, food and love) when they are born.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from colleagues.

    You are doing really well. Step by step and you will get there

    all best


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    I’ve had child benefit & universal credit whilst being on maternity, I also had no idea what I was looking at help wise but was entitled to both and I worked full time pre baby boy 👍

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