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    I just wanted some advice I’m due to end my MAT leave ends end of may but I can’t do it on my own I can’t afford child care and I only have my mum who I trust with him but she works all the time.  Hes dad was my best friend and didn’t want to know and hasn’t been their during the pregnancy or anything. He’s met him once don’t pay for him nothing I was just wonderin would they still help with me benefits if I didn’t go back to work?? I don’t have another option but to not go back 🙁🙁

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    Hi spark

    I had to leave my long term employment as I did not have childcare provision and it is regarded as a good reason to leave and they are unlikely to impose sanctions.  Saying that it is best to try to talk to your employer first to try to get flexible working that allows you to work around your childcare provision….you may have to submit a Statutory Flexible Working Request.

    The benefits office will look at the reason why you left and if you can show that you did try to change hours to accommodate the care and your work rejected that it will be a very strong argument as why you left. You may even get income support as oppose to JSA as your child is under five.

    You can ring up the gingerbread helpline or working families organisation to clarify this to you.

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    I am now working 21 hours for a lovely employerband I went back to work when my child was 10 months old  prior to that I worked full time.

    My daughter is at private  nursery salary is topped up as I get tax credit as the government will help you if you work.  I don’t have any parents so I do everything on my own and am able to support my child and pay my mortgage.  You will not get much money if you are not working.

    My mum grafted too and had 3 jobs  so I don’t mind as I only do 3 days which is brilliant.  Everyone is different and people  will rely on the government for handouts.

    I like nice things and I want my daughter to know  that the lovely things do not come free.

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    Hi Sparkles

    Thanks for sharing your situation on the forum. As other users have said, you can ring our free Gingerbread helpline on 0808 802 0925. The helpline can tell you about your options for financial support. It is very busy in January but trying at different times of the day can help.

    Take care


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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