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    Hi folks,

    I think yet again I’ve fell into the manipulators trap.

    Long story short I left my husband (As he refused to leave the family home that I had got from the council for being pregnant with my son) as he had narcissistic and gaslight traits and was making my life hell, we have a 2 year old together and needed us to get out before the going got worse.

    We both agree we want to divorce me as I don’t want any attachment (apart from our son) in any shape or form and want to move forward as best I can but he I know as he’s scared I’m going to touch his money, which I have no interest as I would never hear the end of it anyway and make more harm for me than good. However we have only been seperated for 11 months, he believes he can get the divorce on the gov website on a mutal grounds bases, having been told this I have stupidly given him the marriage certificate in desperation to get it done, now I can clearly see he could only file for this if he waits 2 years unless he uses the other grounds and lies! However on the other hand if needed can I then use the grounds of unreasonable behaviour against him? I haven’t known what to do as you can appreciate the difficulty in dealing with such a person and the implactions of your actions you try to soften any blow for your own sanity but Im not willing to take the blame.

    I don’t know what position I’ve left myself in now and don’t know what’s too come. Has anybody been in a simular postion or could advice me on what to do? I would be so greatful.

    Thankyou in advance x


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    they have amended smth in regards to divorce, in the light of the covid, where people can apply for divorce faster. which my soon to be ex used recently btw πŸ˜‚

    i am not sure if this is on mutual grounds πŸ˜‰ , but there is an option of ‘behaviour’ now where they can state their reason. so you don’t need 2 years for that. but not sure if this option wasn’t there to be honest!

    as for marriage certificate, if he didn’t get it from you, he could apply for a copy, right ?

    i have received d/v papers today and i am quite happy to have it rolling. i am scared for the future, financially, but i am in much better place i was 3 months ago, where he actually left me and moved out.

    if you need to talk, im happy to do it. take care.

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    Thankyou for your response, I’m sorry to hear of your circumstances, although happy to hear you are in a much better place.

    That is great news that they are able to fast track πŸ™‚

    I’ve ordered another certificate, hopefully get the ball rolling now too fingers crossed.

    Best wishes and likewise thankyou x

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