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    So there are many little things my sons mum does to manipulate and push me aside as a parent. One example happened tonight and I was wondering  what others  opinions are.. am I wrong?

    I went to pick him up (he is 8) and she had invited his friend over which is great however as I was taking my son away to mine it means his friend is left behind in her house. My son then sees that as I am stealing him from her and taking him away from his fun play time with his friend. My son expressed this and I am now the bad guy. She knows I pick him up at that time.  I think she should have arranged with his friends parents to pick his friend up sooner rather than cause this situation. I think this is either a manipulative move or plain ignorant and thoughtless from her. Am I being harsh?

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    I don’t think you’re being harsh at all. Sounds like she is being manipulative and trying to make your son, think you’re the bad guy. If she wasn’t being manipulative she’d have asked his mates parents to pick him up at the same time.
    Also, aren’t we in a pandemic?? I know people can meet outside, but when children are playing “outside” I think it’s responsible  to have the other child’s parents there as well

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    She could have just forgotten the time and made an honest mistake.Happens to all of us.But then she has to fix it with your son.

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    LLcooldad, I agree. It’s manipulative and it’s also breaching local down regulations as someone has pointed out already. I don’t believe it was innocent. You don’t need to burden your son with this though as he has no control over either his mother’s behaviour or COViD regulations. What you could do is arrange for the friend to come to yours once lockdown restrictions lift to play with your son there? Or arrange to take the kids out to a local park? If you don’t have the parents number then at 8yrs your son is old enough to ask his friend what his mum/dads number is for you to text

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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