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    I’m a new mum on maternity leave with a 6 month old son via sperm donor so have no partner. I’m lucky enough to have some support from family and friends but am currently struggling with sleep. I used to be able to sleep no problem but after so long now with no consistency in sleep patterns I am suffering from insomnia.

    My son is gradually settling down with sleep, around teething, so he wakes usually once a night or occasionally twice. The problem is there is no way of knowing when he will wake and so my system has reacted by not being able to get back to sleep once I’ve settled him.

    I’ve been to the doctor and got beta blockers and am going to ask for more help there. However I do think part of this is not having anyone else in the house to help out. And knowing it’s just me that has to do everything during the day as well.

    So my question is how do I handle this? Is there a pill that can easily send me back to sleep but will allow me to hear my son when he wakes? Should I get someone in to help over night and if so, who and how much will it cost??

    Any advice will be gratefully received!

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    Good morning

    I had help until my one was 7 weeks old and I was on my own.after that .

    There are lots of herbal solutions rather than taking medication. Your child is on solids so they tend to sleep longer . Try a mashed banana or potato with meal before they go to bed .

    My child slept in the same room so it was easier.  .I  went back to work when she was 10 months old and I had no proper sleep. sometimes I would take her to nursery take leave so I could sleep.sleep deprivation is awful so I do sympathise . Also in the afternoon try going out for  a walk and getting out because that wil make you both sleep better.

    When your  baby wakes so do you but I still use herbal remedies  like lavender and it really does work . My child is now 7 years old !  Have a look at Holland and Barrett .



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    Thank you! The advice about afternoon walks chimes with me and it’s good to know that I’m not alone with this sleep deprivation

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    You need to close the curtain s when it’s bed time so that your baby know it’s time to sleep .

    If you can get your food online then do that .It will get better but you must also eat properly and just go to bed early and sleep when your child sleeps . If you are sick then it will be even harder . Who is cleaning your home ? Try and get someone in at least twice a month if you can afford

    Fresh air is what you both need and a routine.i found a mother and baby club which was free.  We went every week from there you will meet people like yourself. I found our nanny who ran the crèche so she has been with us for 6 years   . My one was at nursery from 10 months because I had to go to work .


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