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    I am widowed parent of one 3 and half years old boy. My on family is not in UK so I dont have the luxury of immediate family support. My husbands family takes him couple times a week.


    I was working full time recently. But it was too much pressure had to leave and hoping to find some part time work.


    How do you all single parent manage everything without family supports. How you make it work?

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    Just wanted to say hi x we don’t we wing it lol

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    Hi Nona,

    I’ve been a single parent for a long time so I understand the difficulties. Bringing children up is very fluid, as in they grow up so fast, one minute you have to do absolutely everything for them and then the next they are asking you to let them walk to school alone. Because of this it’s best just to take one day at a time and not worry about what is going to happen in 5 years time or even 5 months time. Just go with the flow, as the previous poster said we wing it but it does work. It will get easier and you’ll find in the future when you look back that all the uncertainty and worry is more than worth it to see your precious little grow up.

    Good luck


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    For me, the key things were a trustworthy childminder close to work, a reliable holiday club and a regular work location that is under 10 miles from school & home.

    It hasn’t all been easy, I had one phone-company employer that couldn’t have been less family-friendly if they tried.

    My son is now 11, and I’ve done 9 years so far. Things should get easier because senior school means a school bus and slightly easier hours.

    But it will always be stressful, especially when your child is poorly.  Just keep trying x


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    Hi it does take getting used to doing everything, but people can be very resilient. I would make sure you ask for help though. It is tough because people often have busy lives and say no but sometimes close friends can help out. I find it too expensive to get paid help all the time. If you join a church I find helpful people there, you don’t have to be a believer to go to the children’s groups there. Are you sure you can’t reach out to family, it is difficult but maybe worth it for your child. You will have positives too like spending more time with your little one. As well as going to groups I would take your boy along to what you enjoy early on. I take my girl outside in nature, for walks, to museums. I also get a break once every 2 months to go to a travel group I went to before. Don’t lose your identity. Sarah x

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    Thank you Sarah, my family is not in UK. My late husbands family takes him couple times a week. I dont have friends close to me.  At this stage making new friends in not easy. Just trying my best.

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    Hi Nona

    i too don’t have close friends nearby nor family but I managed to muddle through the summer holidays by going to a holiday club, another few days at a church run one and taking some time off for the holidays.

    my daughter has recently started at ‘big’ school so I’m trying to make friends with some of the new mums although it’s proving difficult but don’t give up!.

    best of luck to you.

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