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    Hi , I am a single mum now and have a little 3 year old and am looking to make some new friends who are single parents . I think only single parents truly understand the difficulties / challenges / increased responsibilities we have especially now in a pandemic aswell , where lockdowns and social distancing etc have increased feeling of loneliness and isolation . Nice to chat to you if you want to drop me a line

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    Hi Paula

    I understand how you feel. As things are opening up, I don’t really feel I have anyone to go out to see at the moment. I want some more friends too. Where do you live?


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    Hi. Single mum of a three year old too and totally agree lock-downs and social distancing add to an already lonely situation of single parent-hood. Even when we are out and about, my eyes only seem to see family units, which doesn’t help much! Happy to chat. Agree there are some challenges only other single parents can truly understand and empathise with.

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    Hi im also in a similiar situation mum to a 4yo and single parent. Lockdown has really opened up my eyes and made me appreciate things alot more but its also made me realise how lonely it can be being a single parent 🙁 here if you need someone to talk to x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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