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    Hello i am new here and have been separated from my ex for a while now but we have finally officially started living separately this last week. We have 50/50 share of our daughter so now i have some evenings where i have nothing to do.

    I just want to know really how do people go about making new friends? All my friends are in hapy relationships so don’t have the time to just go out.

    Ive looked for any local clubs but no offence they all seem like they are for retired people! I dont know what to do with my evenings! Im not confident enough to just go and sit in a pub or resteraunt by myself!

    Any advise would be great!



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    I hope your all good! – I don’t know where you are located but I’m happy to talk if you want. How old is your daughter? I have a daughter who is 3.

    in terms of going out maybe you could do the local search for single parent groups within your area to connect with people near you.

    Evenings with nothing to do?! Girl that’s the dream haha

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    Im from kent, that would be nice thank you.

    My daughter is 5 im just not used to having free evenings when she has been there all the time.

    I have had a brief look but can’t see anything like it but ill have another look.

    I know its not much different as she would be in bed but it just feels different!

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    I don’t know if gym sound fun..but could help.


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    Hi Becca 1990.

    Just do the things that you want to do or never would of done when you were together with your ex. I’m going through the exact same.

    I’m going on holiday in December on my own because I have no friends and no one to go with. But I’m going out of my comfort zone ☺️.

    Just don’t give up and go for what makes you happy.


    Kind regards



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    I feel the exact same way, I struggle with knowing what to do on my chid free weekends.

    I usually can’t wait for the peace and quiet but as soon as they go I feel lost.

    I then spent the whole weekend trying to adjust to the kids not being there and by the time I do they are home,  the cycle just keeps going.

    I try keeping myself busy,  decorating, gardening,  cleaning,  meeting with friends when they are free (which isn’t very often)

    I don’t really have any hobbies and am just not use to the lone ranger feeling,  I’m just not out going enough to go to a lot of places alone.

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    Hey Becca 1990

    i feel the same in truth. Recently separated after 17 years married, with 2 children 13 and 15. Trying to come to terms with what’s happened, learning another man was involved. It’s all heart wrenching stuff that ultimately hurts and then is compounded with a level

    of loneliness. It’s been 6 weeks now for me since we separated and it’s tough. But I agree with Oliver in that you do have to take yourself out your comfort zone and treat everything as a new adventure. So , I am trying to make plans, but it is difficult when your friendship group are all couples or both your set of friends. I have days when I struggle and feel sick to pit of my stomach but other days when life seems ok. Getting used to being back on your own again is was takes time to come to terms with. I’m just trying to stay healthy and look after myself as beat as I can and hope that these feelings will pass in time and I will meet friends and people that will make me happy once again.

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