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    I’ve seen a few post regarding struggling to make food last, so I’d thought I’d share a couple of things I do. It may help someone or give you some ideas.

    when making spaghetti bolognese, chilli or cottage pie (mince based dishes) I add oats (just cheap basic oats) 1/4 of the mince weight. The oats soak up the flavours and you wouldn’t even know you’d added the oats…. but it can make add extra 3 portions to be frozen in f you make a large batch!

    soup – grab a 55p stew bag of veg boil it all up add a nob of butter and blend with salt and pepper. This will make 4 lunches for me and the little one – just add bread

    or use the 55p stew bag with an oxo, meat and some pearl barley this really bulks out the meal to stretch it.

    left over roast vegetables meat and vegetables that need to be used, add a tin of tomatoes, oxo, some curry powder and when it’s cooked add a spoonful of natural Greek yogurt stir it in and serve!

    a massive pot of Greek yogurt is so much cheaper than buying single pots for your little one and you can mash bananas and other fruit in or add a spoonful of honey honey etc.

    hope someone finds this useful 😉

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    hey there,

    Thank you very much


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    Thanks that’s lovely. I make a huge pot of soup on Friday and it’s finished by Sunday. My daughter is keen on salmon and fresh food and won’t eat frozen ! Not even nuggets or fish fingers .

    We don’t have KFC or Mac’s and and as for chips she won’t eat that either. But I did get some frozen fish and did  that with mash potatoes and that got eaten so all good !

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    Aldi sell big bags of ‘wonky carrots’ and I’ve discovered how easy it is to add grated carrot to a lot of meals, it bulks them out and adds good nutrition to the meal. I add it to mince dishes (Like LuluBlue does with oats), add it to rice with a bit of onion, peas, chicken plus some stock as a one pot dinner, also make carrot and coriander soup. Yum. Thankfully both my kids like carrots!!
    I’ve also been told to try using half meat and half lentils for meat dishes, I’ve not done it yet but have eaten it in lasagne at a friends  and it was yummy!

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    Great ideas thank you so much

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    Thanks lulublue. Great tips!

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