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    Hi singles again,

    Remember the old saying “when u get lemons make lemonade”  well we av bn dealt lemons.

    Life is like a blind spot, u can’t see what’s lying ahead till u get there. If someone told me 6yrs or so ago that I will b divorced n the children will b solely under my capable wing, I wouldn’t av believed em, but here I am living with that reality.

    However there is also another saying “nothing lasts forever “, hope, a light at the end of tunnel.

    Good vibes single mums/dads.





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    Morning Richard,

    I totally understand your comment about never thinking for a moment that I would end up divorce. It’s hard and messy but hopefully I’ve come through the other side with my kids as my main focus.

    Hope you’re keeping well

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    Thank you for your wise words, or as I call them Lemon Aid. Do they know it’s citrus?

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    You are always so positive I think it’s amazing 🙂

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    Indeed Richard, love your contributions here, helps keep  the chin up! Thank you…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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