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    My wife is emotionally abusive and doesnt like being questioned.

    We split earlier in the year and I moved out into a rental. She stayed in the house (I’m still paying half the mortgage) and got the car, furniture, white goods and most things we had been building together the last 15 years.

    We look after the kids 50-50. When they’re at mine I pay for food, clothes and every day expenses, I also save money for them every month. When they’re at hers she does the same. We then split the big expenses like school, childcare, clubs etc. down the middle.

    I earn approx 30,000 and she earns approx 24,000 but she has a day off in the week to spend with our two year old.

    This week I questioned her about something and she got pissed off. She did what she has done before and threatened me with maintenance.

    Bearing in mind the fact that we split everything equally would I be liable to pay her maintenance? The only reason I could think that this would be true would be our disparity in wages.

    At heart I feel bullied and I’d like to be able to look after myself if anyone has any thoughts?

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    As you have the kids 50/50 mate I honestly don’t think you need to pay maintenance as a work mate of mine has his son 50/50 and doesn’t have to pay maintenance,I would speak to citizens advice mate so you are covered buddy

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    Have you spoken to the CSA or citizens advice? if you do a calculation your have an idea. If its taken and paid by them no one can use threats.

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    Thanks guys I’ve checked the gingerbread faqs and it’s even on the CMS calculator page. It says

    You will not have anything to pay through the Child Maintenance Service if you are sharing care equally with the other parent

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