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    Hi there

    My daughter was receiving monthly payments of £150 each month, but they have now stopped as my ex said he’s been in hospital and making a claim through the government.  He is a self employed courier driver and I also know he makes money from buying and selling cars.  If I went through the CSA route his employer/guy that pays his wages will doctor any legal information so I don’t trust either of them.  She is 2 years old, and her dad split when she was 6 months old due to a domestic incident.  Does anyone know if I can claim more Universal Credit or is it just the case that income is lost?

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    You can’t. Although I believe he would still have to pay the flat rate of £7 a week…. Not 100% on that and I’m sure someone will correct me.

    I don’t rate CMA, I filled a claim in May after a long time wondering if I should. They came back saying he was on benefits and I’d get £7 a week, he then closed his bank account or cancelled his benefit claim  and they couldn’t locate him for the first payment! …. So have never received a payment.

    The child maintenance system is a shambles and you’d be better off not relying on it, try and do without. if you do get something just see it as bonus. It’s ridiculous x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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