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    Good morning

    I have been battling my ex partner for a while now regarding support for our child. He has not paid. So I went to the CMS. It was an abusive relationship between us (not our child, that was never a woery) so he and I dont speak.

    Anyway the CMS have now come back on payments and they start in December through direct pay which is a great relief.

    I saw though that it says november owed to you £xxx (an amount more than the monthly payments) then from December the regular payments start.

    Does this mean he has to pay me the outstanding amount they have as of November and then in December start paying the regular amounts? There is nothing about arrears. Obviously with things between us being really bad I can’t ask him. It’s not a huge amount that is hard for him to come up with so it shouldn’t be s problem for him.

    Has anyone else had experience with this?



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    Doesn’t the claim go back to the time that you applied?

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    This is what I thought, so I’m guessing that the outstanding amount (closing balance due Nov) is the amount he’s to pay me now and the payments from December are the regular payments every month (theyreexactly the same for 12 months) I don’t want to expect something and find out I’m wrong but also do need the money as I’m pretty much stuffed at the moment without his support.

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    Thank you. I’m not banking on him paying any arrears if I’m honest, not judging by how he’s been so far. It’d just be nice to be able to budget properly with a bit more coming in. I was really left in a really bad position. Head is above water but barely ☹️

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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