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    Hi everyone. My ex recently split up with his partner and has halved my sons maintenance due to the fact he now has to pay maintenance for his 2nd child too. Any advice on this?

    It is an agreed amount between us. I’ve not used the CMA as he is self employed and I’m aware he declares low earnings so I probably wouldn’t get as much as I do now

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    Have you sought advise from the CMS? I understand there are issues with those who are self employed and accessing all the info needed to make an accurate calculation.

    In your position I would certainly contact them, ask for their advice on how to get an accurate idea of what he can afford. I would never personally go on the word of someone in this position. If the CMS say they can’t help in any way for whatever reason then I would go back to your ex and explain that you would like more than half of the prior amount and explain why- the cost of outgoings and things for your child for example. You can be kind.and polite and decent whilst still ensuring you try to get what you can and probably still need to support raising your child. Maybe aim towards a compromise of something between half and what he originally pays. Try spell out all that you have to pay for. Nicely nicely yet assertive and confident usually win in these situations if you’re dealing with someone relatively reasonable.

    Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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