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    I feel awful even asking this, but has anyone managed to reduce maintenance payments due to financial hardship?

    I am currently on benefits as I am a single parent with a below school age child. I have just been named in a new maintenance claim for my teenager.

    I already struggle financially due to my circumstances and I currently receive no maintenance for the child that lives with me. Having to pay out extra will put me into debt.

    I fully understand that when I’m working I will be expected to contribute towards my older child, but I am in such a desperate situation at the moment. CMS say £7pw is the minimum payment.

    Just seeing if anyone has managed to appeal against this. Even a small reduction would be better than nothing.

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    As harsh as this will sound – and I understand that you’re on benefits as a lone parent too so won’t be a great deal – but as you’re only too aware £28 a month is hardly going to touch the sides of the true cost of raising your teenage child!

    I’ve never heard of nay parent getting a reduction on this – beyond if they’re in prison or sectioned.

    My advice would be to ensure that you’re a claiming all benefits you’re entitled to – use a benefits calculator. Are claiming housing benefit/council tax is reduction, tax credits etc and free fruits and veg vouchers if your child is under four.

    I would also look into any grants that are running that you’d be entitled to, to assist with reducing your outgoings. Likewise look at changing utilities, broadband etc.


    Are you planning to return to work imminently? How old is your youngest child?

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    Thanks solomummy.

    I know. I dreadful and ashamed even writing this post. It’s only because I am struggling so much financially and don’t want my son to be deprived.  My teens father is well off and knows that I am not.  My littlest has allergies so we have to buy expensive free from food, which vouchers can’t be used for. Youngest will start school in September. I have fibromyalgia and have really struggled with depression this last year, but do hope to be able to start work when LO is at school. I’ve used the benefits checker, but thank you for your suggestions. We don’t have any fancy subscriptions to anything, just basic TV, lowest broadband and cheapest phone package. Guess I’ll just have to grit my teeth and live off my overdraft and hope I can find work in September.


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    If the allergies are proven and in relation to diet, can you not get some foods on prescription? You don’t say what allergies they are. Would a dietician review be any use to help formulate a plan of minimising exposure to allergens on a budget meal plan? Both of these could be discussed with your GP. Just a suggestion


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    If your child is still under four you’d be entitled to the vouchers.

    Good advice re dietician.

    You could try to cheapen food by baking etc from scratch sononly have to find the free from flour or equivalent etc.

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    Thanks both. Yes, his allergies are proven. We saw a dietitian yesterday but were only offered high calorie powder to bulk up his foods. It’s dairy. He’s over 4. I will check when we are in hospital next, but they actually refused to give us his allergy meds on prescription a couple of weeks ago as they are cutting right back on what they will pay for.😕  I like to buy decent quality goods and do cook from scratch, but will have to look again to see where I can cut back.

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    Participant this gives some suggestions.

    Id suggest bit trying to replace dairy as such and focus on cooking without the need. Pasta, rice, noodles, potatoes as the basis. Obviously I  know you’ll need some replacements but meal planning around a need not to have should reduce your bills. I find meal.planning significantly reduced my costs and meant I had money for little treats. 🍦🍩🍪🍫🍰🥧🍭🍬

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