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    I’m after some advice please about child maintenance,

    I currently have my boys 2-3 nights a week and pay the required as per the government calculator (outside of the CSA), i’m constantly gaslighted about not picking them up directly from school at 3:30 – i’m wanting to up my time to 3 days a week however she says this will not happen until I collect them from school.

    I have a full time job and she receives a hefty sum of maintenance (~400 p/m), the gov website clearly states “the receiving parent is responsible for day to day care”. Am I right to refuse this request?

    Does anyone know of a child maintenance advice service line? I’m constantly threatened with putting the agreement through the CSA as she knows it’ll be more costly for me.

    Any guidance would be appreciated,


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    I went through family court first, then sorted out child maintenance (through CMS). and yes both court and ex got me doing school runs, whenever I have kids in my care. I sacrificed work and can no longer do 9-5 full-time work. Problem is your ex at any time can just sign up with CMS, then your stuck with them. If you don’t have a court order that states how many nights you have the kids, you will have a fight on your hands with CMS, as they give discounts on maintenance based on the number of nights you have kids. I signed myself up to CMS as ex and her family started stressing me out about money very quickly.

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    You are responsible for childcare on your days. If you have the kids twice a week then your maintenance calculation is based on 5 days not 7 because you have to cover the cost of the kids for the other 2 days.
    I am assuming she expects you to pick them up from school on your nights? That would seem perfectly reasonable.
    However if she is expecting you to pick them up on her days then that wouldn’t be your responsibility.
    It is hard to find this clarity on the internet (if anyone does have a link to this it would be great). I got the clarity on this from the CMS as well as the mediator. In my case it would be ludicrous for me to cover that cost as the daily childcare is more than the daily child maintenance – I would imagine with young children and in places like London that is  probably quite common.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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